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Weight Loss and Willpower pt. 2 on the Best Weight Loss Cleanse

It is the holidays, we just finished up Thanksgiving and Christmas is all but here.  If you are like me you are attending Christmas parties that have Christmas goodies everywhere.  I am going to enjoy those Christmas goodies and have some cookies and cake. With what I am doing I can have my piece of

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Massage and the Best Detox Cleanse

Do you think massages help with health and weight loss?  How are the Best Detox Cleanse and massage connected?  There are over 80 different styles of massage.  With many Health benefits.  Here we want to take a look and massage and how it helps with weight loss and the Best Detox Cleanse.  I recently went

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It Doesn’t Take Forever With The Best Cleansing Diet

This proves that it can be done!  I sculpted myself back into the younger me and it did not take forever.  I got significant results in days not months on the Best Cleansing Diet. When trying to lose weight which is more important, to cut calories or increase exercise?  Weight loss is 80% Diet and

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A day on My Hippie Cleanse – Best Weight Loss Cleanse

People often ask me, “What do I have to do during the My Hippie Cleanse – Best Weight Loss Cleanse?”  In this post I have chronicled day one of my pre-holiday cleanse in seven short videos.  I will show you what I made and how I made it. Here is what I had for Breakfast! 

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Is Sugar Addictive

Is Sugar More Addictive Cocaine? – You need the Best Detox Cleanse!

Wow this is just CRAZY!!  Most people are literally ADDICTED to sugar like they would be addicted to drugs.  Take a listen to this short mp3.  If it is like a drug people need to detox.  the Best Detox Cleanse is a necessity if you want to break this addiction.  Not sure what you will

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