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When my doctor saw my blood work he said, “Wow! You should be the poster child for diabetics.” My blood work had improved that much in only two months and five days!

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Real People, Real Results, Real Fast  that Last!

My Story

In ten days I demolished 18.5 lbs – and it was easier than I thought! When I first signed up, my wife thought I was wasting my money. I wondered if she was right. I was not even sure I could finish the 10 days. But I did, and it was fairly easy.

The great thing was I was never really hungry. Sometimes, I felt cravings (like whenever I saw a pizza commercial), but the balanced nutrition provided in the system kept me satisfied most of the time. If did feel a little hungry, I would grab a few almonds to tide me over.

This was life changing for me. I had not been in a good place on so many levels for quite some time. I had become a type 2 diabetic, my cholesterol was high, blood pressure was up, and my body just hurt. I had tried several different weight loss programs with little success…

Now I’ve found something that really works.

I was a little disappointed, though, with my first “before and after picture.” I didn’t see much change. But the scales told the truth. I was down 18.5 lbs! It had taken only 10 days and I was not starving! In fact I was feeling good – and I noticed something else. My blood work was improving – dramatically. No wonder I felt good!


The quick results gave me a sense of accomplishment and motivation. I was ready for more; so, I took a ten-day break and started round two. On the second 10 day cycle, I noticed a transformation. It was amazing how small my food portion sizes had become! Not because of any effort on my part but simply because my stomach was smaller. It didn’t take as much food to satisfy me. It was like Bariatric Surgery without the surgery!

WOW… I have now demolished 28.7 pounds in two 10 day cleanses! How could this be? I was already more than half way to my goal! So why not try another one! In two months and five days, I did four cycles and demolished 48.9 pounds – and the weight stayed off.

I am back to my wedding weight and in the process found a great system for permanent weight loss. People tell me I look younger – I feel younger – and I am doing things that I have not done in years.

I was walking my dogs the other day. My neighbor was driving by and stopped to see who was walking my dogs. He recognized my dogs but not me. “Wow! Bart, it is you? You look twenty years younger.”

This is just CRAZY good!


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My biggest fear was starving for ten days while I worked my butt off in the gym. As I told you, though, this is not a starvation system. You will not have to go to the gym and you will be very surprised at how not hungry you will be. Sign up here and experience with me a day in my life on this system.