Willpower and Weight Loss on the Best Weight Loss Cleanse

Will Power and Wight Loss

Willpower, Do you know what it takes to lose just one pound?

Since the 50’s the thought was that you needed a net output, meaning you burn more calories than you take in, of 3500 calories.  According to a Runners World article, new studies indicate that the actual number is 7000 calories net output. That is just crazy. No wonder it is so hard to lose weight. Think about it, you need to burn 7000 more calories than you take in. What does that look like? If I ride my recumbent bike for 60 minutes that only burns about 500 calories. Assuming that I am currently at a net zero, meaning that I burn every calorie that I take in, then I would need to ride my recumbent bike for 14 hours to lose just one pound? If I wanted to lose a pound a week then that breaks down to 2 hours a day. That is CRAZINESS! But it is the REALITY of weight loss.

What does one hour of recumbent bike = One Belgian Waffle with a table spoon of syrup, one regular Beef-N-Cheddar from Arby’s or a plain donutBagel with cream cheese. A regular glazed donut is 260 about calories, add frosting, sprinkles or filling then the calories just go up from there. You have to decide if the indulgence of that Donut, that Burger or that Candy Bar is worth it. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t or maybe, just maybe there is a way to have your cake and eat it too, Well not the whole cake but a piece cake and still win at the weight loss game.

I don’t know what your needs or goals are. Do you want to loss 10, 50, 100 lbs or maybe you just want to feel better.  There are many programs out there but I have the Secret, the Best Weight Loss Cleanse to give you a jump start.

Real People, Real Results, Real Fast!  It is working for me!

Weight Loss Cleanse

Want to get the secret of this amazing cleanse?

I have seen amazing results and more importantly I feel AMAZING. If you want more information on how to start this cleanse NOW, I will share with you EVERYTHING I did to get to where I am today!

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