My Weight Loss Journey on the Best Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss pt. 2

green and red healthy food

green and red healthy food


I was shocked! The results were amazing and I was not nearly as hard as I thought. I lost 18 ½ pounds on my first 10 days, 10.2 pounds on second, 9.5 pounds on my third and 9.7 pounds on my fourth! In 2 months I was back to my wedding weight of 220 and I was feeling great. I lost 9 inches off the biggest part of my gut and my pant size went from 38/40 to a comfortable 34. My portion sizes were under control and I actually feel like exercising now! I bought a road bike. Crazy…crazy good results from the Best Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss!

Here are a few questions I often get.

Was I hungry? No, not really. I had cravings but not really that hungry. You are not supposed to be hungry because that will put your body into starvation mode and your body will start holding on to the fat and not let it go. On this cleanse I am having something every 2 hours so in between if I got hungry at all I eat a 4 or 5 almonds to tide me over to the next event. Now almonds are high in calories (19 raw almonds = 100 calories) so don’t go overboard.

How does the shake/smoothie taste? It is not the best tasting thing out there. It is a bit earthy for my tastes but I could stand it for 10 days. I also mixed in berries, lemon juice, lime juice to change up the taste. Now my shake for maintenance is very tasty. To me it tastes like pumpkin pie and I love pumpkin pie.

Aren’t you going to lose muscle being on such a low calorie diet? No. you will be taking Master Aminos to protect and feed your muscles what they need so you don’t lose muscle mass.

What changes did you see after the cleanse/cleanses? After the first cleanse the really big things that I found was my stomach had shrunk. I would get full eating aAlmonds lot less food and my relationship with food changed. I was carrying around less weight so I felt better and had more energy. I had my blood work done before and after every cleanse. After the first cleanse my cholesterol levels had already started improving. My bad cholesterol went from 118 to 110, good cholesterol from 36 to 37, Triglycerides went from 186 to 126. These numbers continued to improve after each cleanse as did my A1C. after my 4th cleanse I am completely off my diabetic medication and my A1C is 6.1, before on heavy medication it was 6.9. Because I am off my meds my live and kidney function improved into the normal range. I struggled for over 10 years to get my weight and health under control and with this I was able to do it in just about 2 short months. Something I thought I could never do.

There some many health benefits to weight loss and this cleanse is the best thing that I have found for weight loss. Will this work as good for you? I don’t know but it has changed my life.
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