My Weight Loss Journey! What can the Best Body Cleanse do for you?

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I have never been what you would call a skinny guy. I remember from an early age that my SKINNY brother would tease me about being fat. So I was always a little self-conscious about my weight so I never got really heavy until after I got married. That is what marriage does to some of us. Before I got married and saddled with responsibility I was bungee jumping, skydiving, snowmobiling, I was hitting the gym and exercising, dancing a couple a couple of nights a week. Then I got married I calmed down, slowed down and kind of let myself go. I was only 47 but I was acting and looking like I was over 60. At my heaviest I was 284 lbs and I am only 6’ 4”. When I got married I was only 220 lbs. I often thought, “I would love to get back to my wedding weight, but that will never happen for me.” I had tried so many things to lose weight, look better and feel better with minimal results. I had almost lost hope that I could change things around and almost settled with the fact that I am just getting old.

My friend Beth told me about this 10 day Celebrity Transformation Cleanse. It is organic she said, it is Non-GMO she said. I laughed and said, “Beth, I want to do a 10 day cleanse like I want to get a colonoscopy.” I added, “I don’t buy organic, not sure I care about non-GMO and not looking to be a Celebrity.”   I did not know what the best body cleanse could do for you.

discouragedDeep down I did want to lose weight, get healthier and feel better. Looking back I was in denial about my looks, about my health and about how I was living. Friends and family you gotta love them, they would tell me, “Bart you just need to eat less and exercise more.” NEWS FLASH I was FAT. I did not feel like exercising and my stomach was big so it took lots of groceries to fill me up. I did not have the WILL POWER for the 90 day challenge or the 6 month or year game plan of getting my butt to the gym. Even regular activity made my joints and back sore.

I finally decided to try the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation, which I now lovingly call “my hippie cleanse”. On this cleanse I was encouraged NOT TO EXERCISE. However that was very appealing to me it seemed too good to be true! I am going to lose a lot of weight, in a very short period of time, with no exercise, Right? Well, It did.  With the Best Body Cleanse out there it is amazing what can happen!