How many calories do you need to give up to WIN the weight loss battle? You need the Best Cleanse Diet

No wonder it is so hard to lose weight.  People need help, a jump start to get you going in the right direction.  You need the Best Cleanse Diet available!

If I ride my stationary bike for an hour I burn less than 500 calories.  To win the this battle of calories in vs calories out it takes over 7000 calories net out to lose one pound.   That is tough, takes a lot of will power.  Is one pound enough motivation?  How many pounds do you need to lose to motivate you?  Myself I needed more!  I lost 18.5 in just 10 days, now that got me motivated.  No going to the gym, no starving, just the Best Cleanse Diet available!

Runners World recently published an article titled “Biggest Weight-Loss Myth Revealed“. The article shares newer insights that in order to loose just ONE pound you need to burn 7,000 calories…. YES! 7,000!!!

Runners World Weight-Loss Myth
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